where to buy a tv stand


where to buy a tv stand

where to buy a tv stand – Initially you might think picking a TV stand is a easy matter to do, but it’s only once you start searching, that you realise how enormous the choices are. Various colors, a few made of glass, some wood, a few metal or a combination, corner stands, TV cabinets, cantilever stands, the list goes on.

So Where Do You Begin?

Size of the TV Stand

This is very important since the stand must be big enough, but not so big that it dwarfs your TV and looks too big. Stands are often quoted as being suitable for TVs up to a certain size. This means that you shouldn’t put a TV on it that is larger than what is advocated, however you can get away with TVs that are marginally smaller.

Hint: Assess your TV dimensions and compare that to the stand, in particular the width. It will seem odd if the TV overhangs the edge, and it might not be safe. If you think you might upgrade to a bigger TV in the near future, you might wish to think about getting a stand that is a bit bigger than what you want. Not too big though, otherwise your existing TV will appear out of place on a stand that is far too big for this. Plus a few stands with brackets will only be suitable for TVs within a specific size range.

Which Colour, Design and Material Would You Want the Stand to Be?

These kinds of stands often come in a more conventional fashion box like shape. They generally have drawers, enclosed doors or shelves on the front. Many TV cabinets are also generally made of timber as the main material, and a few might have glass doors.

Tip: If you are going to put your equipment like SKY, DVD player etc within the cupboard, you will want to be certain that the remote sensor is visible through the glass door or board.

Cantilever TV Stands

With these stands your TV is mounted on a bracket, which raises the TV over the stand. This is a great option if you’re searching for a modern look and is only feasible for LCD and plasma TVs.

As the name suggests, these stands are for when you put the TV in the corner of the space. The stand appears the same as a normal stand from the front, but it narrows slightly towards the trunk, so that it fits more snuggly into a corner.

Hint: Corner stands are great if you are tight on space, since you’ll have the ability to push the stand farther in the corner and spare a few much needed centimetres.

Wooden TV Stands

Most wooden TV stands are normally made with wooden veneers not good hardwood, helping to keep the cost down. You should ideally look for the same type of timber as your existing furniture, so that it fits up and doesn’t look out of place.

Depending upon the model and make, TV stands may come in ash, beech, cherry, mahogany, oak, pine or walnut.

Tips: Should you like a particular type of stand but don’t like the type of wood, it’s worth asking if other kinds of timber are available (contact us). If you want a better quality stand, look for models that are made with ‘actual’ wood veneers, as they’re usually hard to tell from actual good wood.

Again as the name suggests these stands are mainly made of glass, usually consisting of 2-3 toughened glass shelves with metal supports.

Hint: Many glass stands come with either clear or black glass shelves. Therefore, if you only see a black glass variation but need transparent glass, it’s always worth asking since both versions are often available.

Coloured TV Stands

Even though the hottest stand color these days is black, you will also locate them in silver, white and even red. Some more modern designs are also available in a high gloss finish. So look out for colors that’ll fit in and compliment your room design.

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